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Java Concurrency in Practice download

Java Concurrency in Practice by Brian Goetz, David Holmes, Doug Lea, Joseph Bowbeer, Joshua Bloch, Tim Peierls

Java Concurrency in Practice

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Java Concurrency in Practice Brian Goetz, David Holmes, Doug Lea, Joseph Bowbeer, Joshua Bloch, Tim Peierls ebook
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN: 0321349601, 9780321349606
Page: 384
Format: chm

I've adapted a small test program that was used by the authors of an excellent book I'm reading, Java Concurrency in Practice, to C#. Java Concurrency in Practice is one of the best books about multi-threading and concurrency. Threads are a fundamental part of the Java platform. Java読書会BOFによる「Java Concurrency In Practiceを読む会」の第3回が本日実施されました。 Java Concurrency in Practice. This book's purpose and achievement is the. But first two other books should be mentioned. Ľ为Escape, 类的成员变量理应不暴露给其他对象,但是却因为某些公有函数暴露出去了,这样就叫做Escape。 接下来列举一些例子: 1. Free download eBook Java Concurrency in Practice pdf epub from direct-link. As multicore processors become the norm, using concurrency effectively becomes essential for building high-performance applications. BARNES & NOBLE | Java Concurrency in Practice by Brian Goetz. "Java Concurrency in Practice", written by Brian Goetz et al., is not brand new, but certainly one of the best Java books I had pleasure to read. "I was fortunate indeed to have worked with a fantastic team on the design and implementation of the concurrency features added to the Java platform in Java 5.0 and Java 6. Although all the examples in the book are Java based, this book gives a solid explanation of MT world. "This book is a major advance for transaction processing. The tests runs N threads in a tight loop, trying to retrieve a value from the dictionary. Thread Safety Whether an object needs to be thread-safe depends on whether it will be accessed from multiple threads. –[Java]Java読書会「Java Concurrency In Practice」. Ƴ:由于Java Concurrency in Practice时间久远业已脱销,所以本人对读到的一些要点进行整理,主要用来个人进一步深化学习,书中原文会加中英文注释,自己的白话仅有中文。 Chapter 2. Brian Goetz, Tim Peierls, Joshua Bloch, Joseph Bowbeer, David Holmes, Doug Lea, Java Concurrency in Practice English | 2006-05-19 | ISBN: 0321349601 | 384.

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